Sony Ericsson gets new brand female ambassador

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Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova bears the distinction of having become Sony Ericsson’s very first global brand ambassador. She will retain the title exclusively for four years, and the soon-to-be 21 year old will be working closely with the company’s design team on a range of products and accessories. She will also undertake consumer brand campaigns designed to attract core target audiences.

The out-of-court agreement complements Sony Ericsson’s 6-year $88 million global title sponsorship of the Women’s Tennis Association Tour which was signed in January 2005. According to Dee Dutta, Corporate Vice President and Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson:

“Now in our seventh year as a company, the brand has evolved significantly and securing a global brand ambassador is a natural progression to take our brand to the next level in an increasingly competitive market place.”

Known as a celebrity sports personality, Maria Sharapova added to Dutta’s commentary:

“Even though most people know me as a tennis player, I have so many passions beyond the sport like fashion, music, film and design; which Sony Ericsson and I are going to be exploring together through Sony Ericsson and I are going to be exploring together through our partnership.”

Well, here’s looking at you kid and whose serve is it anyway?

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