Dell seeing red, becomes latest to partner with (PRODUCT) Red

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Product Red Dell XPS One

Dell has become the latest to partner up with (PRODUCT) Red and will have a few models available under the Red brand as of January 31, 2008. For those unaware (PRODUCT) Red is a campaign that takes part of the purchase price and uses it towards the fight against AIDS in Africa, which for the consumer usually gives us a unique product along with the good feeling we get for helping others out. What seems to me like a win-win situation.

Dell will be offering a selection of three computers and one printer, each with its own red touch. First up is the Dell XPS One, which will have the display in red and offer $80 of the $1,599 retail price as a donation. Dell is also offering two laptop models that include the 13.3-inch XPS M1330 and 15.4-inch XPS M1530 models, they both offer $50 of the retail price towards the charity. Finally the 948 all-in-one printer will offer $5 of the retail price towards the fight. Further specs are expected to be available when the computers go on sale January 31, 2008.

Also included on the Dell computers will be a special edition of Microsoft’s Windows Vista Ultimate, which will include extras such as six desktops, a Vista Ultimate DreamScene video desktop, a screen saver, and two Sidebar gadgets.

Product Red Dell XPS Notebook

Product Red Dell 948 All In One Printer

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