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You can now receive hundreds of books via ICUE on your cell phone that are priced anywhere from 50-cents to $9.00! And you don’t have to worry about buying a new bookcase to store them either! Your cell phone will take on the job so you can read them whenever and wherever your little literary heart desires. You can also read them at any pace that makes you feel comfortable, whether that be per word or per phrase. The text appears automatically at a size and speed that you determine, which means no more endless scrolling down the page or squinting at small text.

ICUE is a mobile phone-based service that allows you to download, read and store up to 400 books on your phone. If this isn’t enough reading material for you, you not only better get a life, but while you are doing that, you can also receive newspapers, email and blogs.

All that is required is that you sign up with Bango for payment, and then you are registered and can download the application 64888 to your cell phone. In return, you will be granted access to a WAP-based bookstore, which is the mobile equivalent of a web-based bookstore. From there, it is possible to purchase entire books or, for some titles, extracts and first chapters, which can be read before deciding to purchase the whole text. Prices vary, but the typical cost is under £5 (about $9 US dollars). You can select all your favorites form many different categories including sci-fi, western, or even the hottest best sellers. Your phone company then places the charges on your monthly bill.

MIT and NBC News have joined forces in developing ICUE to support teaching and learning in the following subjects: U.S. History, Government and Politics, English Language and Composition. ICUE offers students and teachers access to NBC News’ coverage of important events and topics as well.

So what are YOU waiting for? Get on the ICUE bandwagon today (or at least after the next news broadcast).

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