In-flight Wi-Fi coming to Southwest Airlines this summer

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Southwest Airlines Jet In-Flight Wi-Fi

Southwest Airlines has announced they will begin to test in-flight Wi-Fi as of the summer of 2008. Following on the heals of JetBlue and American Airlines, they are the latest to announce the start of a testing period. The access is a satellite-delivered service that will be provided by Row 44, who claim to be the current leader in airborne broadband communication. Initially the testing phase will be on just four planes and will allow passengers access to e-mail, music, shopping and virtual private networks.

Row 44 is also preparing to work with Alaska Airlines this Spring. In addition Virgin America is also promising in-flight access. Maybe in-flight Wi-Fi will be a good thing and catch on, hopefully the in-flight use of cell phones will remain a no-go. As of now the roll-out date for Southwest has not been announced.

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