iPhone primed for new sales price: $299

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From the latest sales figures from Apple and partner AT&T, the iPhone is looking ripe for another discount. Figures culled from the pairs releases, their seems to be an inventory glut or a lot more jailbreaking than anyone is admitting. So what is Apple gonna do?

Simple, do what they did before (and oh yeah, what everyone else does): drop prices. We know they’ve got the 3G phone waiting in the wings. 3rd party applications are raging to be released (not the ear-pinning IBM got for talking about Lotus Notes). AT&T dropped the no business discount they had going. All these signs point us to new introduction and price drop for current product.

I think Apple found the sweet spot of $399 and will likely put the new 3G phone there. We’ll most likely see some kind of cosmetic change to the design, just to make a visual differentiation and make the masses crave the new. Usual Apple protocol.

How soon? That is the magic question. If Apple stock keeps down-ticking and stock continues to grow, it will be sooner than later. Possibly as early as next months SDK kick-off.

That is my guess. What is yours?

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