Skyfire browser gets Windows Mobile users fired up

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skyfire logoIf you have a Windows Mobile smartphone and believe the internet on it could be lots better, you are not alone. Skyfire is launching their private beta shortly and it looks extremely promising. Flash support is native and Skyfire supports Windows Mobile 5 and 6. Symbian support looks to be just over the horizon as well. Users in the US can sign up for the private beta now.

Skyfire says their browser is comparable to PC browsing speeds and offer the “real web” on your Windows Mobile phones. Zooming, thumbnailing and smart resizing of the page to fit your screen look to be included. It looks to be just what YouTube, MySpace and other flash-heavy sites need to get you watch more when you are on the go. All this for free.

“For too long consumers have been promised the ‘real Web’ on their phone, only to be disappointed by slow rendering, error messages, no Flash support, watered down WAP pages or second-rate mobile versions of their favorite site,” said Skyfire CEO Nitin Bhandari. “Skyfire has remedied those ills at a speed not seen before on the mobile platform. By extending the PC Web experience to smartphones, we fully expect Skyfire to fundamentally change the way people use their phones.”

Looks promising for sure.

Company site: [Skyfire] via [EngadgetMobile]

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