Motorola’s got a secret touchscreen Windows Mobile phone

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Is it possible for Motorola to be #1 in non-touchscreen Windows Mobile smartphones and still be considering selling off its handset business? Sure. But it is awful odd that both stories are popping today.

According to DigitTimes, Motorola is just edging out Samsung and HTC for the lead in non-touchscreen smartphone sales. Add in the touchscreen units and HTC has 50% of the market (#1 with Palm coming in at #2). Motorola is listed as one of the companies eroding HTC marketshare. But is that enough for Motorola?

No, according to DailyTech, who says Motorola is/should be considering selling off it’s handset division. After ending 2007 with a $1.2 billion loss, it must be hard for them to hope for better days. DailyTech also notes there is another rumor that Moto will sell to a Chinese company but discounts it due to the fact no one can figure out the convoluted menu tree.

So what will 2008 bring to the once-mighty Moto? All they need is a product that is fun to use, sounds easy right? They’ve got a running start with the Rokr E9 that I’ve been excited about is a good start. I expect they will build on that with the Q10, a haptic keyboard on a touchscreen; this info is now loosely confirmed by sources in Taiwan’s handset industry. Woohoo! That is exciting stuff. Is it enough? Will it trickle to mass-adoption phones like the Razr? Is it too late?

Read [DailyTech] and [DigiTimes]

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