Dell to close down kiosks in the US

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Dell’s shifting global retail strategy has resulted to the close down of its 140 kiosks scattered nationwide. Started in 2002, these kiosks are part of the Dell Direct Store model to augment its core direct-selling business via the Internet and phone.

It’s a very logical decision considering Dell’s recent partnership with major retail stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart Stores and Staples. These kiosks are now redundant as customers can visit more than 10,000 outlets worldwide to check the latest Dell laptops and desktops.

“Moving into retail is a prime example of Dell listening to its customers,” said Tony Weiss, vice president for Dell’s Global Consumer business. “Ever since we began our journey into retail, we wanted to give customers the opportunity to call, click, or visit Dell and have access to our award-winning products. This move fits in with how our broad global retail strategy is evolving.”

On the other hand, the computer maker has confirmed that kiosks outside the US will remain open. Still, it’s possible that it will also be closed as soon as Dell fortifies its store partnership worldwide.

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