Asus announces E-TV, E-DT, E-Monitor

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Asus E-TV

Asus will be adding to the lineup of Eee products, no longer will it just be limited to the much talked about ultra-portable Eee PC laptop. Asus will begin offering LCD TV’s, a desktop PC and all-in-one style computer similar to the iMac and XPS One.

The LCD TV line is going to enter the larger than 42-inch market and is expected to retail for no higher than $200 more than competing brands. They will “integrate the Linux-based PC functionality of other Eee PC products,” and are looking for a September launch.

The desktop PC will be the E-DT and will initially feature an Intel Celeron processor with later models to use Intel’s Shelton’08 platform with Diamondville processors and the 945GC chipset. The E-DT is expected to retail for $200-$300 and it will ship without a monitor. An April or May launch is expected.

The final product in the new lineup will be the E-Monitor, an all-in-one style computer that will feature a 19-21-inch display and include an internal TV tuner. The E-Monitor is expected to be available this September and retail for just $499. The E-Monitor will be using Intel’s Shelton’08 platform from the initial launch.

In a little bit of sad news for those waiting for the touchscreen Eee PC, Yen Ting Chen mentioned that their research indicated that there is not enough demand, so you can cross that off your wish list.

Via [DigiTimes]

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