Firefox 3.0 Beta 4 expected shortly

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The beta of Firefox 3.0 first became available for testing back in late-November as Beta 1 with the option for those more adventurous users to go ahead and begin using and testing. Well the good news is that that Firefox 3.0 Beta has entered “code freeze.” This means that this version has been locked and according to Mike Beltzner, the Mozilla interface designer that testing on Beta 3 should begin Monday. After which the public release can be expected sometime around February 13.

According to Firefox “at least 41 percent” of extensions are now working with Firefox 3.0. After the Beta 3 proves to be OK, we can expect to see a Beta 4 before the final release. At this time there is not any estimate of time as to when we will see the final release in the hands of users. Still, its nice to see progress being made.

Via [electronista]

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  • new firefox

    hmmm at beta 4. firefox is so in demand because of a lot of its nifty plug ins. no wonder they keep on re inventing this product. =)

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  • Rashad

    The date on your article is incorrect. It's a month off. Are your time settings on your server correct?

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