Helio getting competitive; again offering a $99 unlimited voice, data plan

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Helio $99 Unlimited Voice and Data

Helio first ran this $99 unlimited data and voice plan late last year but unfortunately it was only available for a limited time. Good news for anyone that wanted to take advantage of the offer but missed out, its back.

Down from the regular $145 a month, you can get unlimited daytime minutes, nights and weekends, mobile to mobile calling, text and video messaging, 3G web and email and GPS with Google Maps, all for $99 a month. Once you choose your plan you will have the option to choose the Ocean, Mysto, Fin or Heat. Helio does indicate that this will be a limited time offer, but no ending date was found so better not hesitate if this is right for you.

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  • James Christner

    Helio is expanding quickly. Through their exclusive dealer promotions at you can get the Helio Ocean for $99 saving over a $100 over the retail price. $99 for the Helio Ocean with $99 a month for the unlimited plan, Helio is the right choice for high volume call user.