10 All Time Useless Inventions

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We all have some gadget or other tucked away in a drawer that we really shouldn’t have bought. In fact many argue that is the definition of a true gadget – something that you just have to have but don’t need. Well you can console yourself that it could be worse, unless you happen top have bought any of these Top 10 useless inventions from the 19th and 20th century’s:

  1. The combined plow and gun. Patent no 35600, issued 1862
  2. Device for waking persons from sleep. Patent no 256265, issued 1882
  3. Balloon propelled by eagles or vultures. Patent no 863087, issued 1887
  4. Method of preserving the dead. Patent no 748284, issued 1903
  5. Mustache and lip guards. Patent no GB191127119, issued 1912
  6. Water-filled brassiere. Patent no US4734078, issued 1988
  7. Sound-muffler for covering the mouth. Patent no 4834212, issued 1989
  8. A glove for courting. Patent application no GB2221607, issued 1990
  9. Alarm-equipped fork. US patent 5,421,089, issued 1995
  10. The trouser-cushion. UK patent application no GB2267208, 1993

I am sure that you will all have your favorite from the list, and indeed could add your own useless inventions to the list, but the two stand out ones for me are:

  • The water filled bra, “A brassiere which surrounds the breasts with water, so that a buoyant force provides improved and independent support for each breast. A transparent version is suggested for those who wish to make a fashion statement.”
  • A glove for courting, “It’s a pair of gloves knitted together into a single glove with a common palm section, but two separate sets of fingers.”

Via [The Times]

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  • Daniel

    The plow gun does sound pretty useful.