Yamaha BF-1 BodiBeat MP3 player syncs music with motion

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Yamaha BF-1 BodiBeat MP3 player

Tired of choosing the right music to go with your different workouts? You should try the Yamaha BF-1 BodiBeat, a new 512MB MP3 player that intelligently selects the right music according to your body tempo. Designed for different activities such as running and walking, the BF-1 is equipped with an accelerometer to monitor the speed of your movement and an interactive program that automatically plays the most appropriate audio tracks stored in its memory. When you change your pacing it will also play a different tune.

There are several modes to choose from. The Fitness Mode, for instance, is intended for “optimal aerobic exercises”. It monitors your heart rate, plays faster songs when you’re moving slowly and slower tracks if you’re moving faster than your target heart rate. In case you’re not working out, you can set it at Music Mode and it will work as standard MP3 player. This smart portable player is also loaded with different workout management features such as heart rate monitor, time, distance, and pace meters.

Unfortunately, Yamaha BodiBeat is no beauty, but all brains. It has many intelligent features but a very disappointing design. I really thought it looked like an old battery charger! Perhaps taking a little design lesson from Apple might inspire a makeover.

Product [Yamaha BF-1 BodiBeat] Via [The Red Ferret Journal]

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