Apple adds 16GB iPhone, 32GB Touch, both at $499

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Apple intros 16GB iPhone and 32GB iPod Touch

As most of us saw this morning, the Apple online store went down, and when that happens the rumors start flying. This time it went down for a very good reason, Apple has added a 16GB iPhone and also a 32GB iPod Touch.

The 16GB iPhone will join the 8GB model and it will retail for $499, the 8GB model will remain at $399. The 32GB iPod Touch will also retail for $499, while the 16GB and the 8GB models will remain at $399 and $299 respectively. Both are available immediately.

While there still is not any 3G capable iPhone, the larger storage options for these models should appeal to those that were holding off due to a lack of available storage. With these rumors being put to an end, what will come next?

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  • JG Mason

    My new theory: Apple is watching me. I am now the best indicator of when they will launch a new product. Whenever I decide to buy something new from them, it is immediately bring their store down and obsolete what I just bought.

    Darn you Steve Jobs, darn you.

  • Doug Berger

    Note to self: Next time the Apple Store goes down, ask JG what he just bought.