eBay playing big brother, no more negative feedback option

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I am not exactly sure how I feel about the news that eBay is going to ban sellers from leaving negative comments about buyers? You see I got a really negative comment once. I left feedback saying that I thought the postage was excessive and not clear, but that the product was fine. The seller came back with something along the lines of ‘terrible buyer, never do business with them’, and of course followed this up with a email offering to jointly remove our negative comments. I declined as I reckoned that anyone reading all the other positive comments wouldn’t be put off and I wasn’t going to be bullied.

That said it wasn’t pleasant and I would happily have not received it. BUT at the end of the day, freedom of expression and all that coupled with the fact that in my experiences excessive or unnecessary criticism on the internet usually sorts itself out, means that I tend to think that eBay are being unfair with this policy change.

The problem is that if you can only leave a positive or no comment, people may leave positive comments where before they would have left neutral ones, so sellers will get over rated ……

What makes this even worse is that eBay says only a minority of sellers leave negative comments, so why change it and ruin it for the majority?

So I lied – I do know how I feel about this. eBay you are wrong.

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  • Adam

    I find this odd that this coincides with the CEO changeover at eBay. Whitman's out, Donahoe's in, and now a major change like this.

    I've also heard (not sure if it's true), that Donahoe wants to switch to completely fixed-price auctions. I don't use eBay often, but they will end up sinking themselves if they make massive changes like these to their working design.

    I'm already missing Meg Whitman.

  • JimT

    In the news I read that Ebay was going to remove NEGATIVE feedback from the SELLER to the BUYER.

    Typically a seller would leave negative feedback in retaliation to negative feedback from a buyer.

    I never saw anything that said that Ebay was removing ALL negative feedback.