Microsoft unveils Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, 7000

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Microsoft Mice

Boy, it seems like when Microsoft finds something they’re good at, they milk it dry, doesn’t it? Well, this is definitely holding true for their line of Laser mice, as today, they have added the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and 7000 to their already expansive line.

The 6000 is the more mobile-centric of the two devices, as it uses a 2.4Ghz receiver, that snaps into the mouse. It’s powered by one AAA battery, which should last you quite awhile, given the mouse’s relative small size. The 7000 (pictured above) uses rechargeable Li-ion batteries, making the whole mouse a little bigger. You can also charge the 7000 with its included charging dock. Both mice have Microsoft’s HD Lasers and Vista buttons. The Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and 7000 will retail for $50 and $70, respectively, in March of this year.

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