Windows 7 video explained, its almost all Vista

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Windows 7 Screenshot

Remember that Windows 7 video, the one that looked strangely like Vista. Well it turns out it pretty much was Vista, at least in the design. It seems the video that was taken was of Windows 7 Milestone 1 which is actually not a standalone OS, but actually requires Vista to run. According to TG Daily Windows 7 Milestone 1 gets installed on top Vista and SP1 is required. So with that the icons and functionality remain the same as Vista currently is. Basically Windows 7 M1 currently is the foundation of what could possibly be a “new and much leaner kernel” and without Vista would as of now just be a basic UI and raw code. So it seems like we are still going to have to wait before we can get a good look at what Windows 7 will actually look like.

Via [tg daily]

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