Rogers now offering $20 a month unlimited data plan

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Canadians have not been as fortunate with unlimited data plans but things finally seem to be changing. The new plan from Rogers, being called the “$20 Communicate Value Pack” will be available for most “feature phones” and is currently available. From what it looks like the feature phones simply exclude the BlackBerry. In addition to the unlimited data the plan also includes 2500 outgoing text messages, 1000 outgoing picture or video messages, call display and voicemail.

Sadly as sometimes unlimited does sound a little to good to be true, in this case the plan does have some limits. The plan includes unlimited data for web browsing and only using a browser that is authorized by Rogers, in addition email clients that are used over the network will continue to cost 5 cents/KB. At first thought it seemed like this cleared another hurdle and would open up the possibility of seeing a Rogers branded iPhone, but without the email being unlimited I am just not sure that would work.

Via [Apple Insider]

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