$1.1 million to add an “S” on your domain name

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Cruise Ship

A British travel company has just paid $1.1 million (560,000 pounds) to have an “S” added to their domain name. Well truly the “S” was not added, but instead the $1.1 million was used to purchase, they had already owned The domain was purchased from a German travel company because according to the new owner “it was a necessary move to retain dominance in the rapidly growing market for ocean cruising.” The domain purchase came down to a Google search result where “cruises” has been ranked higher on Google with “cruise” following second.

While $1.1 million may not be the highest ever paid for a domain, that title is still being held by that was sold for $12 million in 2005 and that was sold for $9.5 million just last year. This sale however does count as the highest price paid for a domain, breaking the previous record of $300,000 that was set in October 2006.

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