Leaked image: Motorola M990 Smart Rider

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Motorola M990 Smart Rider FCC Pic

Another day another leaked image, this time its the upcoming Motorola M990 Smart Rider. The info is courtesy of the FCC and it shows off a phone with a unique name and purpose. According to the details the Motorola M990 will be called the Smart Rider and will be a “GSM high tier fixed mobile car phone.”

The thought of a phone that is limited to a car sounds really funny these days, but the specs make it sound almost like a normal mobile phone. Based on the FCC’s “Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Report” the Smart Rider offers “not only voice but also high speed data services, entertainment, information, advanced network connection, BT connections, GPS navigation services, etc. Aside from that it is quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, with a “big” color screen, integrated GPS and Bluetooth.

I think the best part is when the document mentions that “it is targeted to a broad band of markets looking for exclusivity like business men, limousines and private cars looking for stylish communication and navigation solution.” Even the description of the intended market makes this phone sound like a device from the 1980’s.

Via [unwired view]

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