Hot new Samsung slider to show next week

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Check out this sultry Samsung slider, dubbed “the Soul”. “Uhn”, as in a James Brown, “uhn”. Samsung is calling this its flagship model, so you can be the price will be on the premium side of things. Samsung will show this phone next week in Barcelona.

What sets this phone apart from other good-lookers? Actually a couple of really cool things. Check out the User Created Skins and you’ll create a skin all your own, additionally Sammy packed in different UI themes. A Magical Touch (and yes, they capitalize it, good grief), application specific buttons that change depending on what you are doing.

5 MP camera,7.2Mbps HSDPA and an amp by Bang and Olufsen round out the interesting specs. Looks to be headed to Europe in April. Hot.

Read [Engadget Mobile] via [Akihabara]

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  • Ricky Young

    Great specs on a great looking phone.