RIM patents may add multi-touch, angled sliding to BlackBerry’s

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BlackBerry Patens

While patents never always come to market, its still fun to poke around and try and get an idea of just what to expect with future products. The latest, dealing with a few patents courtesy of RIM has an exciting looking possible BlackBerry in store for the future. RIM has secured a patent on “Handheld mobile communication device with movable display/cover member“, which essentially looks like a slider style phone where the display can angle up after its slide open. The second patent covers “System and method of integrating a touchscreen within an LCD“ and makes it look like RIM is working on integrating some touchscreen displays into future models. With little details set it stone on the BlackBerry 9000/9100 series these patents could add some excitement in the lead up to the release.

Via [unwired view]

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