Best Buy adds another nail in the coffin, will promote Blu-ray over HD DVD

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It seems like just a matter of time now before this format war will officially be over and a winner is declared. Most people had presumed HD DVD’s death back just before CES 2008, but things have seemed to only get worse for them, no special thanks to their attempted Super Bowl promotion and the recent announcement from Netflix.

The latest bad news coming from Best Buy, they have announced their plans to promote the Blu-ray format over HD DVD. While HD DVD will not be pushed out of the store, the Blu-ray players will have “preferred” placement in the stores, which also means that employees will tend to “recommend” it more often. I would also imagine it being kind of out-of-site and out-of-mind as far as the customers go.

This news does make some light on the recent Best Buy promotion announcement, where they will be offering a free HD DVD player with the purchase of an $899 Yamaha/Klipsch audio package, maybe this is just a way to clear the HD DVD inventory. Chalk this up as another round that goes to Blu-ray, I think its time to commit and make that purchase, anyone have any Blu-ray player recommendations?

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