T-Mobile HotSpot users to get free AT&T Wi-Fi at Starbucks, more details on the free user access

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It seems that current T-Mobile HotSpot customers will get a nice perk out of the Starbucks AT&T Wi-Fi deal. In a Press Release, courtesy of T-Mobile we now have some more details on just what those HotSpot customers can expect. Customers will not be impacted “for years to come” and can expect to continue to “experience seamless Wi-Fi access at Starbucks.” The free access for HotSpot customers will mean access for “at least the next five years” thanks to a roaming agreement between AT&T and T-Mobile. Current HotSpot @Home customers will also not see any additional charges.

In addition to the good news for current T-Mobile customers we also learned that the free access for “Starbucks card holders” will be the refillable store card and not the Starbucks Visa card as many originally thought. In order to qualify for the two (daily) free hours you must use the card once during that month. Also the Wi-Fi access will not be limited to a single device, which should be good news for users with multiple connections. For example, you will be able to connect with your laptop, along with your Wi-Fi based mobile phone or tablet.

Read [T-Mobile] Via [jkOnTheRun]

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