Facebook to add an easy way to permanently delete your account

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Hounded by the growing number of irate users about its absurd privacy policies, the social network drama queen Facebook said it will add a one-step option enabling users to easily and permanently delete their accounts.

Currently, many Facebook users are complaining about the deactivation option because it still retains personal information on the site’s servers. In defense, Facebook claims many users are quite fickle and they tend to come back to reactivate their accounts for various reasons.

Last Monday, the fast growing company has added an alternative wherein users must notify its Facebook staff via e-mail for deletion of their accounts. Unfortunately, there are some complaints that it failed to remove some accounts despite getting in touch with the company’s customers service. I suppose this is the main reason why the company is looking for another option to delete these accounts permanently.

Now, there is a Facebook group called “How to permanently delete your Facebook account” which acts as the unofficial guide for its 7,000 confused members on the proper account deletion process.

In the era where social networks represent our permanent records online, these companies must be more sensitive about privacy issues and devise ways to help users protect their rights. Otherwise, they will have to face a community of outspoken mob.

Read [New York Times]

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  • Jacqulyn Richey

    Seems like Facebook has been getting its fair share lately from the media. They did really put their foot in it, though. Why he didn't take the money and run while the going was good….

  • parry

    I want to delete facebook