New iPhone clone: iPod touch?

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touch voip 2Could possible competition be coming for the mighty iPhone from its sibling, the iPod touch? Surely I am kidding…well maybe not. Sprint is offering up this WiFi in your pocket router that hooks into an EVDO card, giving you on the go WiFi. Price for the router is $180 direct from Sprint. While we’d all love a combined offering with the EVDO card, this is interesting.

Especially interesting if you combine the dock from here with this new gadget, You’d have a mobile WiFi connection allowing your iPod touch modded phone to access your VOIP vendor of choice. On the go VOIP, hot.
touch voip
At the very least, mobile WiFi is a neat proposition with the touch or any device you want to connect via WiFi. On a train, in a terminal or hotel that demands you pony up to get internet access, this router will allow up to 4 machines to access the connection wirelessly. Awesome.

Read [Gizmodo] and [Wired]

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