Open source mobile platforms will trigger new security risks

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Google's Android

Though Google’s open source mobile platform Android is poised to take mobile technology to greater heights, it will also trigger the influx of new viruses and other threats to our cellphones.

In fact, security software firm F-Secure believes that its “risks are greater than with the current platform kings such as Symbian.” Even Apple’s decision to open its door to outside developers also carries potential risks.

Even though thousands of people complain about security issues on mobile phones, only a trivial portion of the users were infected. According to a research of another software security firm McAfee, only 1 in 7 users worldwide are exposed to serious mobile viruses today.

It goes to show that every technology, no matter how brilliant, will always have some downsides. Good thing the people in the mobile world are vigilant in monitoring and developing ways to arrest these looming issues.

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