Everex Cloudbook in the wild, first reports are not sounding good

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Everex Cloudbook un-boxed

The fine folks over at Laptop have gotten their hands on a sample unit of the Cloudbook and like all good geeks they have given us a nice un-boxing and some first impressions.

Overall things are not looking that good for Everex with the Cloudbook. After some initial delays, the first review coming in is not offering that much praise. To begin with the setup was very difficult, the start up process left them stuck as the window was to big for the screen which put the next buttons below where you could see or click them. After some tips from readers they were able to determine that a simple Alt+Click would allow them to drag the window. Of course I say simple with a bit of sarcasm, because a lot of users would not have know what to do. Sadly the window size issue may affect some consumer units as well as their sample unit.

Next issue up was the trackpad, or in this case the pointing device. While they did mention they were not sure that it would be a deal breaker it is located in a unique spot. Instead of the traditional trackpad that you would find on a laptop, Everex has placed it on top of the keys. It is also on both the left and right side, meaning you need two hands to use the “mouse.” Personally I am interested in testing that layout, but can understand many being put off by such unusual placement.

The setup issues may seem like a minor annoyance to me, but for some less technical users who were expecting an easy-to-use and inexpensive laptop that could mean the difference between keeping the Cloudbook or making a quick return. Hopefully the Cloudbook will begin to hit the stores and we can start seeing some more positive reviews. You can also look forward to seeing a review from Gadgetell, that is assuming we are able to track one down.

Sadly Laptop is reporting that the Cloudbook “needs more time in the oven.”

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