Verizon to begin offering unlimited plans?

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Rumor has it that Verizon Wireless is going to begin offering unlimited voice, data and message plans. With some good news that these will become available as early as February 19. The rumored plans are said to have several options to include:

  • $100 – Nationwide Unlimited (voice)
  • $120 – Nationwide Select Unlimited (voice, SMS, MMS)
  • $140 – Nationwide Premium (voice, SMS, MMS, VZNav, VCAST, email)
  • $150 – Nationwide Email and Messaging (voice, SMS, MMS, and data)
  • $170 – Nationwide Global Email and Messaging (voice, SMS, MMS, and international data)
  • $200 – Family plan with two lines, $100 per additional line.

In addition to the wonderful unlimited options these plans are also reported to include no roaming or long distance charges, be available with one or two year agreements, have no contract extensions for current users and include Mobile Web 2.0 portal access. Possibly the best part, assuming these rumors are true is that the 5GB data cap is out.

Via [Engadget]

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  • Jesse

    I do applaud the effort that some of these cell phone companies are going through to offer new and more appealing services, however, Verizon has nickle and dimed me enough. That and the fact that they disabled my phone's features so that I have to pay Verizon for those exact same features I alread have/had. I'm too disgruntled with Verizon to stay with them…