Altina announces new GPS, the A800

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Altina A800

Altina may not be the best known GPS manufacturer, however they have recently announced their newest model, the A800.

To begin with, it comes with a 4.3-inch TFT LCD touch screen, is powered by a Samsung 2440 400 MHz CPU, utilizes the SiRF Star III GPS chip it can also display photos, play MP3’s and also play videos.

Other specs of the A800 include:

  • 20 channel viewing
  • Support for wmv, asf, mpeg4, mp3 and jpeg formats
  • Voice-guided instruction
  • Powered by car charger or rechargeable battery (1600mAh)
  • MMCX-type connector for optional external antenna
  • SD storage card expansion slot
  • 64MB Flash ROM, 64MB SDRAM

Unfortunately, no word on pricing or availability at this time.

Via [NaviGadget]

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  • Mike Smith

    Altina A800 runs off Miomap software, but this device is not supported by the Miomap website, so updates cannot be downloaded from them. Updates through various Poi libraries are possible, but for the computer literate only – and are usually well out of date.
    The navigator works OK, and it has a large screen which I find can be distracting. Voice guidance is overdone, because I don't want to be reminded four times to take the next turn – it is best turned off. The speedcam notification is non-english (Korean?), even though english language was selected. Again, voice warning is best turned off.
    The handbook is difficult to understand – it is all there, but not in a logical order, and it is on the DVD supplied, not hardcopy. No quick start guide.
    The case is part silver which looks nice, but reflects in the windscreen.

  • sue

    does anybody know where i can purchase a battery for the altina A800 as mine is not working