Verizon officially adds unlimited calling plans

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Verizon has made those unlimited calling plan rumors official, except they may not be as nice as we had thought and hoped. The new plans are broken down into a Basic, Select and Premium plan and each offer unlimited calling, but that is where the unlimited features end for most.

The Basic plan will run you $99.99 and offers just unlimited calling, messaging and data will be extra at $1.99 per MB. The next step up is the Select plan which costs $119.99 and adds the unlimited messaging but still has the $1.99 per MB data charges. Finally we have the Premium plan which is $139.99 and includes the V CAST VPak, VZ Navigator and mobile email in addition to the unlimited calling and messaging. Each plan also has options for individual users or to have additional phones using a Family SharePlan.

What this seems like is that the mobile companies are getting better, but its still going to take some time to really give the users what they want. Overall these are not bad calling plans for people who are not as concerned with email, messaging or web browsing.

Read [Verizon Wireless] Via [Engadget Mobile]

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