Palm prepping the Centro in more colors?

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Palm Centro in a rainbow of colors

After some digging around in the recently posted user guides, some have turned up a possible rainbow of colors for the Centro. If you follow the guide and click on the AT&T branded white Centro, you will be given a page that shows (pictured above) the rainbow of Centro colors. We have seen the “AT&T only” model, the white with green keys that seems to either be loved or hated, but included in the picture is also the white with the grey keys that we have seen, and previously thought was going to AT&T. In addition there is also a red, black and dark blue model.

We already know that we will see an “obsidion black” Centro hitting AT&T within a month, but it seems like the other red, dark blue and white with grey could be additional unlocked GSM models. I think if Palm released the Centro in a whole selection of colors, especially with the $99 price tag you would see a whole surge in new smartphone and more important Palm users, could they be on to something?

Via [Treo Central]

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