Verizon’s Samsung U940 now “Glyde”

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It’s been known for a while that the Samsung F700 is going to be heading to Verizon. We’ve gone through the standard process; heard rumors of it coming, seen it confirmed, and also saw the FCC put it’s big ol’ approval stamp on it. Since Verizon has been on a roll with their naming scheme (Voyager, Venus, Chocolate, Gleam), it’s only appropriate that this phone has one. The first codename was the “Q-Ball.” The new, and more appropriate name, is now the “Glyde.” This comes from the phone having a slide-out QWERTY keyboard like bigger PDA/Smartphones, so it’s only appropriate that it gains that name.

No new date has been released, but it is apparently still set for release in Q1 of 2008. Could it come a little sooner? You only have one more month, Verizon.

Via [Engadget Mobile]

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  1. Couldn't come any sooner for me. I want to see how this thing compares to the Voyager. Until then, I'm bookmarking

    Oh… and I just subscribed to this feed so make sure you give us any info if you hear about it! THanks!

    Samsung Glyde
  2. We'll definitely keep you up to date with the new Glyde! Thanks for the comment and subscribing!

    Doug Berger
  3. Did anyone get to try out Internet browsing on this thing? I'm looking for a something that is better than IE mobile for pocket PC….is it better?

    area codes
  4. I check the Glyde out today for about two hours and it smokes. Extremely fast browsing and a very bright, sharp UI. In fact, both are better than the present Voyager. I found it to be very slow at browsing and the photos on my photography website were not nearly as crisp.

  5. I want this phone badly. It looks so cool.