Verizon’s Samsung U940 now “Glyde”

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It’s been known for a while that the Samsung F700 is going to be heading to Verizon. We’ve gone through the standard process; heard rumors of it coming, seen it confirmed, and also saw the FCC put it’s big ol’ approval stamp on it. Since Verizon has been on a roll with their naming scheme (Voyager, Venus, Chocolate, Gleam), it’s only appropriate that this phone has one. The first codename was the “Q-Ball.” The new, and more appropriate name, is now the “Glyde.” This comes from the phone having a slide-out QWERTY keyboard like bigger PDA/Smartphones, so it’s only appropriate that it gains that name.

No new date has been released, but it is apparently still set for release in Q1 of 2008. Could it come a little sooner? You only have one more month, Verizon.

Via [Engadget Mobile]

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  • Samsung Glyde

    Couldn't come any sooner for me. I want to see how this thing compares to the Voyager. Until then, I'm bookmarking

    Oh… and I just subscribed to this feed so make sure you give us any info if you hear about it! THanks!

  • Doug Berger

    We'll definitely keep you up to date with the new Glyde! Thanks for the comment and subscribing!

  • area codes

    Did anyone get to try out Internet browsing on this thing? I'm looking for a something that is better than IE mobile for pocket PC….is it better?

  • ken

    I check the Glyde out today for about two hours and it smokes. Extremely fast browsing and a very bright, sharp UI. In fact, both are better than the present Voyager. I found it to be very slow at browsing and the photos on my photography website were not nearly as crisp.

  • Dan

    I want this phone badly. It looks so cool.