Starbucks to close three hours for employee training

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While Starbucks shutting their doors for a few hours during the day would normally not make for good news here on Gadgetell, we are more than a little curious as to what they could be getting trained on, or perhaps for. Starbucks has announced they will be shutting down for three hours today. Beginning at 5:30 pm and running through 8:30 pm local time, all stores will be shutting down for employee training.

While it could be as simple as learning a new payment system or how to better make those wonderfully addicting drinks, we are hoping this has something to do with the recent AT&T Wi-Fi announcement. Of course the official word seems to be that the training will “foster enthusiasm in its 135,000 U.S. employees and improve the quality of drinks made by Starbucks baristas.”

Just in case you are in need of that caffeine fix, like I imagine we will be, Dunkin Donuts has stepped up to take any business that may come from the Starbucks training session. Beginning at 1pm and running till 10 pm they will be offering 99 cent lattes, cappuccinos or espresso’s.

Read [CNN Money] Via [jkOnTheRun]

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  • ATV Guy

    So how am I supposed to get my fix now? :)