Google helps the homeless, offers free voicemail

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In what seems a strange twist to gain some popularity for their GrandCentral service, Google has announced they will begin giving accounts to every homeless person in San Francisco.

The GrandCentral service, according to Google gives users one number, one voicemail box and “so many features you won’t believe it.” By giving this to the homeless, it could give them a first step to getting back on their feet by offering them a way to stay in contact with potential employers.

So while Google’s motives sound a little fishy, it does work out well for the potential new users. Hopefully those that are given the opportunity to use the service will take full advantage.

Read [GrandCentral] Via [Dvice]

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  • Sam Jackson

    Guys, you should do more background on these.
    1. Google made this announcement once before in the past
    2. it's ALREADY free for everyone…

    (As reported on TechCrunch 2/28)

    I still love Gadgetell, though! (And want to write for it…)

  • firefox free

    thats an interesting marketing strategy.

  • JG Mason

    to be fair, last time grand central did this (two years ago), they were not owned by google. Also, our loyal readers might remeber Roberts post from just last week about grand central opening its invitations up to everyone.

    I think Robert is right to call Google out on this questionable marketing tactic.

  • Robert Nelson

    Good points Sam, while I was aware GrandCentral was/is free (i use it myself) I should have pointed that out in the post. I was taking a different slant with Google using the homeless help angle to gain some popularity for the service.

    As for the previous announcement in the past, that I do not remember happening. Thanks for the feedback!