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As a frequent user of Picnik, an able online photo editing website, I was thrilled to hear they added more features to their free account. The reason? They decided to get paid via ads. Good for them and for you.

The free service now has ads showing below the main screen in a pretty non-obtrusive way. I didn’t mind them at all as I clipped the U23D image for a post this morning. The premium paid service allows ad-free use plus access to some advanced tools, such as curves and levels.

Now, free service users have access to all the effects, shapes, fonts, and touch-up tools many of which before were for paying premium members only. Often, I found I had to settle for a free service level font or effect, but no more! If you’ve not tried Picnik before, I highly recommend taking it for a test drive. There are even sample images on there to let you do just that.

News quote from their site below.

Site [Picnik]

Picnik Evolves (February 27)
Big news! We’ve launched a new ad-supported version of Picnik! Now free users have access to ALL the Effects, Fonts, Shapes, Frames and Touch-Up Tools, and advertisers will enable your addiction to Picnik’s award-winning photo-editing awesomeness. This way, we can provide more of Picnik to more people, so help us out: spread the word about Picnik! The more people use Picnik, the better we can make it.

Meanwhile, our beloved Premium users will get Picnik 100% ad-free, plus new special Advanced Editing tools, unlimited connections to all their favorite photo sharing sites, priority support, infinite photo memory and Photo History, exclusive content and previews of new features, and, best of all, the warm fuzzies for supporting Team Picnik.

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