Rumor: Asus set to announce the 9-inch Eee, dubbed the Eee PC 900

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Asus Eee PC / Eee PC 900

This one is still unconfirmed, but it looks like its ready to happen, and should make anyone holding out for an Eee PC with a larger display and more storage very happy.

The Eee PC 900 is expected to feature a 9-inch (well actually an 8.9-inch) display, come standard with 1GB of RAM, and a 12GB solid-state-drive (SSD). It is expected to be a bit higher priced than the $399 that we have seen for the current Eee PC 701, but those higher specs should make it worth the extra cost, which is rumored to be around $600.

A few extra nice points is that the overall size of the ultra-portable is expected to be just about the same as the current Eee PC 701 and most likely have a slightly faster processor. Assuming the rumors are true, the Eee PC 900 is expected to be available beginning this Summer. Being a big fan of the current Eee PC, we can only keep our fingers crossed that this comes true. Expect some follow up once we get an official press release or confirmation from Asus.

Of course, this just makes it harder for me, should I keep and remain happy with my current 7-inch display or upgrade to the 9-incher?

Via [Eee Site] Via [BlogEee]

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