Asus Eee PC 900 in the wild

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Eee PC compare Eee PC 701 and Eee PC 900

While we still have not seen any press release or formal announcement from Asus, we have found what seems to be a fairly good confirmation of the existence of the Eee PC 900. The guys over at Engadget have posted some images of the 7-inch Eee PC 701 side-by-side with the newer and larger 9-inch Eee PC 900.

As you can see in the pics the 900 seems a little bit larger, but it does not seem like enough to make a big difference. I would be interested to get a hands on with the new 900, because the current 701 is actually a lot smaller when you actually have it in hand. Aside from the obvious larger display, the trackpad seems to be a little bit bigger, which will be a welcome change.

Via [Engadget]

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  • eliden

    i will buy 1 here in the us for 599 if it goes higher i won't because i can just get a well equipped laptop for 600+

  • GN

    Same size as 900 + 10" touch screen + win XP/Vista embedded + 16/32 GB SSD, screen can fold back, just like tabletPC or PDA with 10"screen.

  • Robert Nelson

    Well said, even as a big fan of the Eee PC myself, once you get to that $600 or higher price tag I am just not sure it holds the same value.