Gadgetell Review: Pinnacle Video Transfer

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pinnacle video transfer

Product: Pinnacle Video Transfer
Price and Availability: $129.99
Pros: Simple capture device straight to iPod or USB
Cons: Almost too simple, no timer, no brains, just start and stop. That requires you to be around and paying attention when what you desire to capture is done.
Overall: This works fantastically well for simple transfer. Say movies off the camcorder to iPod or to USB sticks or old VHS movies to convert to digital. Less effective for recording TV stuff as TV outs are in short supply.
Rating: 9/10

pinnacle video transfer input sideYou’ve got to hand it to Pinnacle: this product is simple. This device aims to take content from almost anywhere and put it into your USB device like an iPod or flash drive perhaps. It works the same way every time and I noticed no problems with the recording capture. The product is designed to provide “high-quality MPEG-4 encoding in H.264 at up to 720×480/576 (NTSC/PAL) resolution and supports multiple inputs including S-Video, Composite video and stereo audio.”

High-speed USB 2.0 connection ensures fast video transfer. The compact size makes it perfect for backing up videos on the go.

Plugging in the S-Video and tri-colored cables into the input side of the device then plugging the USB out to the other is logical. Also well thought out is the devices visual cues letting you know it recognizes input signal and output as ready to go. The blue lights then change to red as you push the one button to record. Nice and easy. Here is a video from their site on operation:

pinnacle video transfer output sideI moved movies off my camcorder with ease and they popped right up on my iPod and USB flash test drive. Piece of cake. You push the Video Transfer button to record, hit play on the camcorder and wait until you’ve recorded what you desire.

The only bummer and reason for its 9/10 is it is so simple. I found I hate waiting for things to be done. Admittedly, I can’t think of a way to get around it other than timers. But that doesn’t make me hate waiting for the video to finish so I can stop recording.

Product page: [Pinnacle]

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    good review
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  • Jim

    Copy of the iRecord from last year actually. Though PVT does not have schedule recording like the iRecord and doesn't support all iPods.