comScore study says US Internet mobile use rising

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comScore Mobile Broadband Access

Results of the study conducted by comScore shows that the number of U.S. Internet users accessing the web via mobile broadband increased by 154% in Q4 of 2007 as against the same period in 2006. Mobile internet is predominantly used in the work setting rather for domestic use.

The comScore report looked into the usage and characteristics of mobile broadband users from data collected by the research from Internet access using mobile broadband internet service providers (ISPs). This type of internet access is done using mobile phones subscribed through cellular networks and connected to a user’s PC. The study did not cover Internet access through Wi-Fi access which entirely a different thing from mobile broadband Internet access. Mobile broadband Internet usage is measured in terms of subscriber’s data charges from their respective cellular networks. The study also showed that Verizon and Sprint cellular network providers accounted for majority of the mobile broadband market.

comScore senior vice president Serge Matta said that the mobile broadband Internet access currently only accounts for 1 percent of the total U.S. population.

“As consumers increasingly demand and depend on portable Internet access, the demand for mobile broadband should continue to increase,” says Matta.

Analyzing the report’s data further by location of access, the study showed word-related mobile broadband Internet access accounts for 59% of the total data. Accessing the web through mobile broadband for domestic purposes account for only 41%. This would indicate that mobile broadband Internet usage is dictated more by users’ needs rather than their wants.

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