New Google feature lets you do search within a search

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Google Search within search

Google’s got a new potential ace up its sleeve, proving yet again that they really have no intention to step down from the online search game any time soon. While most web masters and blog owners may be familiar with Google’s generosity in lending codes (via customizable Site Search boxes for any web site), this time, the company is taking the concept back to its roots and will give something that’s straight from their heart. Which is, a built-in Site Search feature within the Google search page itself. Above is a screenshot of how it looks like.

Basically, every time you Google a website, such as Wikipedia, the topmost result will have a search box right underneath it (aside from the Google search box on top). And from that little search box, you can type any term or keyword and search the contents of the already Googled web site. For example, let’s say I Googled “wikipedia” and from the search box underneath the topmost result I search for “david.” This will give me results for the keyword “david” from within The syntax for this feature is as follows: [ “keyword” site:”URL or web site address” ]. You can type that up directly in the Google search box right now and you will see similar results with those from the built-in search feature. Confused? You shouldn’t be once you try it for yourself. Scoot on over to Google to go ahead and give it a try. This will be a great new feature once it becomes available for all web sites on the Internet. Currently it looks to be limited to a select few to include “amazon,” “wikipedia” and the “new york times.”

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