Many American home “theater-in-a-box” buyers neglect the rear speaker setup

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Though many Americans are obsessed with their home “theater-in-the-box” systems and many more are dying to have one, about half of these owners are not installing their rear-channel speakers. If you’re wondering why, it’s because of lack of technical expertise as well as aesthetic issues such as wire visibility.

This so-called “surroundaphobia” hinders the great home theater experience. The study conducted by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and CE manufacturers reveals that 74% of consumers prefer as few wires and connections as possible. Also, 34% said they wanted to improve the “visibility of wires” in their current system setups.

While the most apparent solution is better technology such as wireless rear surround setup or soundbar theater system, the simplest yet effective answer to this problem is consumer education from manufacturers to retail stores so interested buyers will fully understand the complexities of these potentially powerful systems.

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