Apple announces native iPhone SDK, coming in June

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Apple iPhone iPod Touch SDK Announcement

Well, as expected the long awaited SDK for the iPhone has been officially announced and will be available with iPhone software version 2.0. With great disappointment but very little surprise the availability of version 2.0 and the apps will not be available until sometime in June. According to Apple; the software update will be available sometime “by the end of June”. However beginning today “selected developers and enterprise customers” will have access to a beta release, which will hopefully mean that we will be see a good selection of apps available when software version 2.0 first launches.

These highly anticipated apps will all be managed through the App Store, which will come as part of the iPhone 2.0 software release. The App Store will be a free download for iPhone users and iPod Touch users will see a “nominal” charge similar to the last update. The App Store is where all the apps will be available and managed, users will be able to search for and download apps directly to their iPhone or iPod Touch, they can also be side-loaded via iTunes.

Application developers will get to set their own sale price and are able to keep 70% of the purchase price, Apple will keep the remaining 30% for running the store. Developers can also choose to release the app for free, in which case Apple will not add any additional charge.

Well it all sounds good, except for the part that we have to wait until June, the end of June at that. Oh well in the meantime there are still apps available with Jailbroken phones.

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    Oh, I can't wait to have the iphone this year so I can try this software, 😀