Simtrix shows off two new mouse designs at CeBIT 2008

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TriPed Mouse and Slider Mouse from Simtrix

Gadget designs these days are all about maximizing reliability, comfort, and of course, usability. Simtrix’s latest computer mouse models are up there and able to demonstrate compliance to all three points. The first of the company’s new dynamic mice duo is called the TriPed (at left), and is aimed squarely at tablet PC or tabletop computer users. The TriPed was so designed in order to provide “seamless transitioning between mouse, pen, and text entry.” Meaning, TriPed users will have more flexibility to do whatever gesture they need to do whenever they desire. The second, and equally intriguing new mouse model made for the Swiftpoint series is called the Slider, offering the option to be operated by being slid over a keyboard. Could this be the picture of all computer mice in the future? If the answer is yes, they had better deliver on it soon… before touch screen UI’s really take over the gadget world and computer mice, as well as other computer peripherals, start to be considered obsolete.

Via [Pocket Lint]

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