Panasonic announces 12 new Plasma, LCD TV’s for the Olympics

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Panasonic Plasma PZ800

Panasonic is set to release eight new models of plasma TV’s along with four LCD TV’s just in time for the upcoming Beijing Olympics. Panasonic is one of the major sponsors of the highly anticipated sports event.

The eight plasma panels are full HD and will have a contrast ratio of 30000:1. The eight Plasma models will be released in 50, 46 and 42-inch sizes. Leading the pack for these new plasma panels is the Panasonic PZ800. The PZ800 belongs to Panasonic’s top of the line series and has a full glass layer on the front. It utilizes wide color gamut conversion technology for high quality/high definition display resolution. The new Panasonic plasma panels come with Vierra remote control, for easy menu control. The Panasonic PZ800 also features Panasonic’s new V-Real PRO 3 technology. This optimizes motion and improves fine detail. It also supports digital cinema color, wide color and has a 100,000-hour panel life and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The Panasonic PZ800 is also one of their environmentally friendly products.

Not to be outdone by the plasma panels, Panasonic’s four new LCD TV’s will also be in full HD. Panasonic is making these TV’s available in 32 and 37-inch sizes.

The new models of Panasonic plasma panels and LCD TV’s are set for release in the Japanese market starting April 10, 2008, which is six months before the actual Beijing Olympic Games begin.

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