Gadgetell Rant: Apple becoming “untouchable”?

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photo from salonCan anyone duplicate the enthusiasm Apple has built here? Like me, I am sure you’ve read all about yesterday’s Apple event. Perusing the forums this morning and it feels a bit like Christmas, doesn’t it?

Apple over delivered on a promise they under sold. Originally an SDK was a no go. Then, Steve gave it some thought and built something amazing and amazingly simple at the same time: a way to get applications through them to the public all while maintaining control. How excited are the developers? I think the SKD download server crashes says it all.

I think Fake Steve Jobs sums it up best,

Seriously, folks, it’s game over. This announcement today is as big as the announcement of the original Macintosh in 1984. At airports all around the world they put flights on hold so that people could stay in the terminal and watch the news as it was announced.

Has Apple found the magic combination by leveraging a hugely popular and familar brand (iPod) with their larger business aspirations? Over at, Farhad is crowning the iPhone for finally living up to all they hype. How many execs started smiling at the Exchange support announcement? This road warrior sure as heck did.

So who can catch them? Palm? Uh, Palm, hello? Palm/Handspring gave it a good try. They had the Palm Pilot/Visor that was popular, they had a great design and they had a loyal (to a fault) dev base. But nothing fed those flames and they’ve slowly died out. Rim? The RIM UI still makes me giggle, it is so 1998. Windows Mobile? I still can’t find access to some settings on my phone and it has been a year in the looking. Symbian? To Euro to care about America.

Now the question becomes, how will Apple continue to feed the flame? At the one year mark we see iPhone 2.0 software. Logic would seem to say, hold off on 3G iPhone until September/October to ramp up for the holiday season both on new phones and on discounted left overs. $5 says the 3G iPhone has the same dimensions so that 6 months later, they’ll intro iPhone Slim, perhaps the width of the touch. Then what? Clearly Steve’s got a road map and it looks to be a good ride.

Can anyone throw a roadblock?

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  • Kevin Doyle

    Apple's launch into the handset market reminds me of when Sony released the Playstation. A market already dominated by a couple of compaines was completly rocked by a newcomer. It's great for consumers!

  • Chris Whittome

    This isn't exactly a roadblock to the iPhone’s continued success, but as part of an environmentally conscious business, I’d like to point out that regular iPhone upgrades are designed to do one thing: reduce their product lifecycle, so that more are sold, more often, while more will ultimately end up on Bromide swamps in the third world.
    All those who queued up outside Apple stores back in June will probably be doing the same for the 3G model, and once again for the slim version soon after. (Perhaps Steve Jobs will throw in a U2 version while he’s at it) champions awareness of the rising demands for energy in electronics manufacturing, and the non-recyclable waste created by our throw away culture. Our aim is to encourage more consumers to buy pre-owned, thereby reducing the amount of new gadgets which need to be made, increasing their lifespan via re-use, lowering the energy demands of manufacturing nations like China, and reducing the trillions of tons of non-recyclable toxic waste created each year by our electronics castoffs.
    Apple are very keen to be green, but like all electronics manufacturers, their profits stem from selling new and selling often. A truly green culture that valued pre-owned gadgets like pre-owned cars would be a serious roadblock on Apple’s long term profit forecasts.

  • wow gold

    how will Apple continue to feed the flame is a key problem

  • JG Mason

    I was moved enough by Chris' comment, that I traveled to his website and blog and learned a bunch. It sounds like he's got something to rival eBay for those of us that are lovers of tech but haters of DOA.

    I've contacted Chris and he's agreed to an interview so we can learn more about how he plans to pull this off. I, for one, can't wait.

  • Monique James

    Wow-wow-wow, Chris Whittome's is certainly an eye opener and I cannot wait to exchange all my ipods etc., it is all very exciting and at the same time helping my budget and the earth go green – how marvellous! M. James.

  • yong

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