Get a free Sprint-branded Palm Centro with two-year agreement

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Black Sprint branded Palm Centro

Palm Centro fans currently have a very nice option to consider. An offer to get a free Palm Centro; free as in $0 dollars and the offer is available from Wirefly.

As you imagine there are a few requirements in order to get that free Centro. First off the the offer is only valid on the black or pink model, so if you had your heart set on the red this may not be for you. Second up is a two-year commitment, but they have plans that start as low as $29.99 a month.

Overall not a bad deal considering the Centro normally goes for $99.99 after a mail-in-rebate, this offer has no mail-in-rebate and they even include free shipping. Basically $0 dollars out of pocket, well that is until your first monthly statement comes, but you cannot expect to get everything for free.

Offer [Wirefly] Via [Crave]

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