Gadgetell Review: Epson RX595 printer

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epson rx595

Epson’s RX 595 all in one printer has it all. It prints, it scans, and can even read memory cards and print directly to CDs.

After opening the box, I quickly set up the printer and scrounged around for a USB A male to USB B male cable (which, unfortunately, was not included with the printer) and popped in the software CD. I was a bit disappointed that my MacBook could not automatically detect and use the printer, but installing the software was for the best. Though this is probably not a universal problem, the unit I received had a problem during its initial setup with paper jams. However, after a few aggravating minutes, the jams stopped and printing was smooth as could be.


I began to put the device through many printing tests. After a numerous amount of 4×6 prints, both in black and white and color, the ink levels were still nearly full, and remain as such today; 2 weeks after I began to use this device. As for the prints themselves, the color is picture perfect (pun intended if you are so inclined :-), except the tones are a tad dark for my liking. For any size paper, the printing of photos is very good, though the printing time for photos is around a minute each, which is a little too long for my liking.


Scanning is not anything special on the RX 595, as the all in one is easily no match for flatbed scanners, which serve that singular purpose. However, using the bundled Epson Scan software, the device falls nothing short of a serviceable scanner for digitizing whatever you have that needs to be digitized. Quality wise, the scanner is spot on, no matter how dense in color or texture the scanned item is.


As far as all-in-one’s go, the RX 595 is on par for the course, in terms of design at least. The device has a black finish, both matte and glossy, all around, giving it an undeniable vibe of sophistication. The RX 595 is just as wide as normal printers, but a little taller and deeper, and much heavier. The menus are split up into three major areas; copy, memory card, and specialty print. These three can be accessed from dedicated buttons on the device’s face, but you can print no matter what position in the menu hierarchy you are in. Using the arrow and menu buttons provided, you can easily select the paper size, paper finish, and much more. All the vital information, and more, is displayed on the device’s 2.5-inch screen, which is gorgeous for viewing images from a memory card.


The Epson RX595 is a wondrous purchase, and for only around $100, you are certainly getting your money’s worth. It uses 6 individual ink cartridges, which altogether, will probably run you around 70 dollars, but they do last quite awhile. The included software is perfect, and the print quality is pretty good for the price value of the device. The few gripes I have are the fact that paper jams did seem to occur a lot on my device, and the print times are less than stellar.

Overall, I do recommend the RX 595 for anyone who needs a solution for their printing, copying and scanning needs.

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  • fesf

    its ok

  • TurboFool

    Just as a point of interest, try printing those same photos on a competing printer at a compare (or even the next notch down) photo quality and see if you still think the print times out of the RX595 are less than stellar. It's actually a very impressive speed in comparison which is surprising since it tends to outclass everything in its range in its print quality as well, despite the speed.

    And I'll agree that it was likely just your unit with the jam problems. I've worked with several RX595s now, and none have jammed on me even once. Everybody gets their lemons, though.

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  • tukarinfobispak

    i cant find yet in my country, Indonesia.
    anyone can give me suggestion where i can get in indonesia?

  • TurboFool

    MSRP's $149.99, but Best Buy puts it on sales for $129.99 every couple of weeks, and $99.99 every months or so.

  • wonderkid

    i like about design of this printer

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  • Juan Lopez

    I've had more issues with this printer than any other epson unit in my life. This is my 5th epson product and my last. The cartridges are short-lived, the quality of the rollers is horrible (9 mos later it makes nasty marks on top center of any paper) and now I have to deal with epson support again… I recently went to walmart and noticed they did not have any epson printers AND they only had FIVE ink cartridges in stock. hmmmmm I wonder why????

  • hamoblo

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