Asus MS71, mini mouse meets flash drive

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Asus MS71 Mouse and Storage

Asus has just released a new travel mouse that in design is similar to a large tube of lipstick or a block from the game Jenga, with it’s miniature design and compact buttons the MS71 still allows for the basic functions of every mouse with two buttons and a scroll wheel. If you look closer you’ll find the the back portion of this little guy pops off and plugs into your computer which acts as the wireless transmitter for the mouse, and also at the same time acts as a thumb drive. The storage capacity of this device is unclear at this point but with the increasing storage in micro devices these days I would not be surprised to see a few gigs in there. Personally I’m wondering how practical this travel mouse really is, I could see maybe for very light use and for people with smaller hands and such but for someone like me with larger hands I don’t see this playing into my life any time soon.

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  • s.s. h

    Bought the asus mini mouse ASus MS7114 last year. sstop using it for a sometime, and now it did't work despite bieng fully charged to 'green'. anyone can help me how u reactivate it? it's really travel friendly! espc ladies..