Tobii Technology lets you control your computer with your naked eye

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Tobii Technology OEM Eye Tracking Technology

Need to open a folder on your computer but you’re feeling a bit too lazy to move your fingers? Tobii Technology is here to the rescue, with the introduction of their OEM eye tracking technology during this year’s annual CeBIT trade show. This technology can further be applied to gaming, medical and vision diagnostics, market research set-top boxes, 3D displays, and as well as in automotive safety. The list goes on to include computer interfaces in medical, industrial and military environments.

Personally, I think this would be a great feature in vending machines, where it would enable anyone to look at a particular product (a hot/cold beverage, tissues/napkins, etc.) and claim the item at the push of a single button without having to go through the currently difficult process of pushing two to three stubby nubs. According to Tobii, this will provide new and unique opportunities for product enhancements to companies as it offers customized OEM eye tracking components for seamless integration into various devices.

Imagine all the time you’d be able to save by skipping through the the necessary left/right clicking and gaining access certain programs or parts of your computer directly just by looking at them. And apart from being a time saver, this will also contribute to analyzing user thinking and behavior. Presumably, this technology is still in its beta testing stage but expect it to be one of the most talked about upcomings later on this year once it finally goes mainstream.

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